Artist Statement: Evany Zirul


I draw when confined to a chair and intently listening: in school, meetings, or concerts. I have found that allowing my hand to travel across the paper into images enhances my understanding of the audio information. As a youngster, I realized that sound energized me, especially when I played my violin. But, without the instrument, I found that that all that energy engendered by music needed an outlet. So I drew on the program, the meeting notes, scraps of papers, notebooks. A gift of a special pen allowed me to create permanent india ink images. The lines would spring up and the image grow, then I would discover its meaning, like a revelation of my internal life beyond the stimulus of the sound. When attempting to listen in school or a meeting, my mind would wander into commentary on the subject. Since I feared censure if I were to speak up, the commentary would spring onto the paper. I became aware of the power of images through these visual commentaries.


I learned to cast bronze and the use of metal at Mills College. It was a challenge for me to learn to do what others in civilizations throughout the world had done for thousands of years. The 3rd dimension in imagery felt good to my hands. Working the soft clay then laboring toward hard metal completed a transformation into an image which was unbreakable. Balance, or lack of it, dominates my images, especially the bronzes. The work reflects my life in the fragile balance of grace and loss.

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