Biography: Evany Zirul

From a very young age, I had a drive to draw and create.

My mother required that all of her children be trained in the arts, especially musical arts, as she had been trained as a concert pianist. So the violin became a required course for myself and dance for my sister, clarinet for my brother. I would wait after my violin lesson for my sister to be finished with her ballet class. I was quite clumsy and hated the physical discomfort associated with dance. But I loved watching the bodies, the movement and the performance.

During orchestra, I would draw the conductor. In class I would draw the teachers. If a teacher complained about my “doodling” in class, he or she most likely would be included in the drawing. My pen and book always accompanied my very detailed notes. I gained great dexterity in spontaneous life drawing as well as imaginative figures.

I began sculpting in college when I picked up a 2 x 4 piece of wood on the path to my dorm room and carved it into a piggyback image. In art history class, we studied Chinese bronzes. I began a pilgrimage to discover sculpture and the art of bronze casting. I earned an MFA in Sculpture and Design from KU then went to teach Art at Centre College in Kentucky. But, 2 years later, during a recession, I was laid- off from my teaching position. I went on another journey to go to medical school. As a physician, I could afford to support my love of art. I enjoyed a very rewarding 30 year career as a ENT (head and Neck and Facial Plastics) surgeon. The difficult years of school, and the years of interminably boring medical meetings were inspirational in my continued interest in art.

I am now retired from Head and Neck surgery and can devote my full attention to my art.

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