Heather Anderson: Biography

From the Words of Heather Anderson:

I got interested in painting glaciers since they are attached to the mountains I have climbed and loved. Unfortunately, that attachment is no longer stable and the beautiful glaciers of earlier times are now metamorphosing into rivulets coalescing into waterfalls, and emptying into the nearest bays. My first Sierra glacier and peak was Mt. Lyle. Mt. Ranier, Mt. Baker, major Oregon peaks, Kilimanjaro, Mexican and Sierra summits were other exciting experiences offering great views.

Discovering we were losing our glaciers, I decided to document at least ones I had known. The glaciers I saw during hiking and rafting rambles in Alaska also piqued my interest so I added paintings of icy peaks from trips rafting along the Tatsenshini and camping in Wrangel St. Elias and Denali National Parks.

We hear, from Sierra Club and scientists, much about about global warming and its destructive effects of “more:” more rain, less snow and ice, warmer temperatures, longer and more powerful hurricanes. Unfortunately the results also include more flooding, more wind, extreme heat waves, ecological disruption manifested in longer summers, shorter winters, rising sea levels, sinking shores, disease, and more melting glaciers. We now know that it is up to us, as the largest producer of the planet’s carbon dioxide, to change our ways. When will we learn to respect our beautiful land, our water, air, sky, wildlife and wilderness?