Manuel Vasaure: Selected Works

Artist Biography                                                                                                       Artist Statement

From Visionary Show, May 2 to June 2, 2019: My work lives somewhere between painting and sculpture. I am moved to employ elements of illusion with color onto my three dimensional forms. I have created figures emerging from walls or planes that have the same two dimensional to three dimensional quality. I feel this method gives my work a recognizable style, my mannerism. I intuitively apply color and markings onto my pieces, until the piece is visually right. This method allows me to wrestle with the piece, sometimes frustration and other times a sense of harmony. This series of works were also influenced by my travels through Paris France and Italy.

acending form sunsetacending form sunset (detail)azul nicoleacending form sunrise (detail)acending blue (detail)untitled 2019untitled (2)untitledA IMG_1468A