Michael Pitzer: Artistic Statement

America is in an accelerated state of change. Every major city to small village, from East to West, North to South, were all adorned with amazing, colorful creations of metal, paint, type and lights — the neon sign. Today, if they remain at all, they are usually rusted, broken, and looked on by residents as an eyesore to the image of their communities.

There is something tremendously beautiful about these rusted pieces of signage and for the past 30 years I’ve been documenting their beauty. In many cases, these signs no longer exist except in the images I’d captured, ergo the title of my self published book, “Signs of a Changing America.”

Out of the thousands of images I’ve taken, a small group possess that interesting combination of texture and color that make them interesting to look at. And of those images, only a handful rise up to level of what I call art as they possess that magical combination of elements that allows me to transform them from a photograph documenting their deterioration into a piece of art worthy of framing.

My goal as an artist, is to uncover the beauty in these old signs, bringing it out for all to see and appreciate, maybe for the last time.