Fig Tree Gallery is the oldest artist collective in California.  Located in Fresno, California, the gallery has over twenty members whose works range from sculpture, painting, mixed media, and illustrations.  

The gallery is on the Art Hop schedule, opening its doors to a new exhibition every first Thursday of the month from 5PM to 8PM.

Regular Business Hours: Friday through Sunday, Noon to 4PM. Closed on major holidays that fall on our regular business hours.

Fig Tree Gallery
644 Van Ness Ave
Fresno, CA 93721

Downtown Location Map

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5 thoughts on “Home

  1. My name is Barbara Holland, I was one of the founding members of the Gallery in 1962 and I now live in Israel.
    I would like to make contact Bob Ogata, by email.
    If you would please pass this along to him and ask him to contact me at my email address:
    I appreciate your assistance,


    1. Hello Barbara: I am the administrator of the Fig Tree Gallery website and I passed along your email address to Bob Ogata. Unfortunately, his messages to you have been undeliverable. Would you please verify your email address and perhaps pass along another mode of contact for him as well. Thank you, Hazel Antaramian Hofman


      1. Thank you for this reply. Would you pass along the correct email address or help us by contacting Barbara so she can provide us with a correct email address and a phone number. Robert Ogata is anxious to connect with her. Much Thanks again!


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